Software Development

Analysing business processes

When it comes to software development, for us the most important point is to solve the problems of the business and not creating new ones. Analysing all the business processes necessary and creating a solid strategy that is expendable and also scalable for the future, is a must. Depending on the results of the analysis, we can start to talk about infrastructure, technologies and endpoints, costs etc. In our experience projects without proper preparation will end up in tinkering some software that looks like it is something that solves the problem, but creates new problems on the way. 

Software Architecture

Just like analysing your business to know what problems to solve, Software Architecture is also quite important. Not every business has the need to come up with things like cloud services, AI or machine learning. That’s why it is recommended to check what fits the most. 

Possible Criteria for a checklist:
  • Is my problem consisting out of multiple problems?
  • Is it necessary that this software is able to grow organically?
  • What kind of users do I have?
    (Employees or Customers?)
  • How many users do I have everyday?
  • How large is my budget?
  • Technology first or second?

After answering these questions, it makes sense to take a look on the infrastructural requirements for the project. Is this Software supposed to run on a single server as an on-premise solution or is it designed to run in a cloud environment? What security guide-lines are necessary? Which costs are involved in both cases? All these questions and a lot more must be answered to go for the next step. 

Implementing the solution

At this point Software Developers start with coding. After setting up work environments, versioning tools and everything necessary to work highly efficient, developers think about frameworks, libraries and endpoints and everything else that was originally planned through business analysis and software architecture decisions. In our experience a successful project consists out of these skill-sets combined:


Half of the work is done by proper preparation and planning, around a third is depending on development while communication or good communication is always very helpful when it comes to teamwork. Only last 5% of a project are done with the help of certain technologies. Some Frameworks really push one developers abilities and allow them to be even more productive.

Our Services for Software Projects

Extended Workbench
Development (Solo)
Planning and Conception
Service & Support (3rd Level Support)

Software Development - FAQ

That depends on the size of the project, the lenght of the project, the infrastructure required and certainly the skills and amount of software developers hired.

Sure. Nowadays agile projects allow us to swiftly change project requirements. Just keep in mind that this kind of flexibility always has an impact on the length of the project.

Depending on the kind of corporation, it may differ. Bigger companies often have their own IT-Team that will take care of it. In case that a customer doesn’t have these resources we also offer this service.

Depending on your personal knowledge and learn ability – of course. We always want to give customers user friendly documentation about their product. Also there are trainings as well.

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